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Stretch it Out!

Baby shoes in window sill
Nothing stays the same forever. Especially when it comes to our feet!

There are many reasons why a pair of shoes might no longer fit: wear-and-tear, damage to the shoe’s materials, foot conditions or injuries, weight fluctuation, etc.

We may be hesitant to give up or get rid of a favourite shoe, simply because they’ve grown a bit too tight, or changed shape somewhat. So what are the options, aside from buying a new pair?

Volant James Universal Shoe Stretch Spray.

Yes, it’s a thing!
Volant James Universal Shoe Stretch Spray

What is Shoe Stretch Spray?

Volant Shoe Stretch permanently softens and lengthens boots, shoes (even gloves) by safely dampening the material, making it pliable and giving it more stretch. It works on leather, nubuck, suede, in all colours and textures.

How Does It Work?

All leather and natural materials stretch when wet, but water can ruin shoes by distorting their shape and compromising their construction. Shoe Stretch Spray is a formula created to condition your footwear without water damage, keeping the leather soft and supple.
drops of water on leather

How to Apply:

Shake the aerosol can well. Holding the nozzle 5-8 cm away, spray the interior of the shoe (or article of clothing) where it is tightest and causing the most discomfort. Wear the item immediately after spraying to create its newly amended, form-fitting shape. Following the use of shoe stretch spray, you can also use a wooden shoe stretcher to lengthen or widen shoes even more. Repeat and re-apply if necessary.
how to apply Volant James Universal Shoe Stretch Sprayhow to apply Volant James Universal Shoe Stretch Sprayhow to apply Volant James Universal Shoe Stretch Sprayhow to apply Volant James Universal Shoe Stretch Sprayhow to apply Volant James Universal Shoe Stretch Spray
Volant Universal Shoe Stretch Spray is perfect for creating a wider fit due to bunions, or other foot conditions. It’s ideal in stretching the too-tight calf of a tall boot shaft. It can also assist with the breaking in of new shoes, by-passing blisters and other discomfort.

Don’t give up on your shoes! There’s no need to purchase all new pairs, just because your feet — or the shoes themselves — have changed. Stretch, customize, and re-mold them to your current footprint with Volant Universal Shoe Stretch Spray, available now via Rossi Boots Canada online.

Volant James Universal Shoe Stretch Spray
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    Dana Ruprecht, photos by Trevor Connell
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